Meet Your AAC Board

The American Adoption Congress 2016 - 2017 Board of Directors

Amy Winn
- President - Santa Fe, NM
Amy may be reached at: 
Amy Winn is an adoptee, a psychotherapist specializing in adoption issues and a decades long advocate for change and healing within the adoption constellation. I invite you to join me on my quest to educate, advocate and bring reform to our adoption world.  
Susan Friel-Williams - Vice President / Membership Chair / Event Registrar / FL State Representative - Cape Coral, FL
Susan may be reached at: 

Susan Friel-Williams is currently the Vice President, Membership Chair and Southern Regional Director of the American Adoption Congress. She also administrates the AAC Facebook and Twitter accounts, edits and produces ‘The Beacon’ and is the Chairman for the Nominations and Elections process of the Organization.  Susan has been active as a Florida State Representative since 2010, and expertly balances her career as a licensed private investigator with her volunteer positions with the AAC. 

Tim Monti-Wohlpart - Legislative Chair / NY State Representative - Brooklyn, NY


Tim Monti-Wohlpart is a New York born adoptee, in reunion since 1998.  In 2002 and 2003, he served as Vice President and Legislative Liaison for New York Statewide Adoption Reform. At that time, he lobbied for unrestricted original birth certificate access for adult adoptees.  In 2015, he began a grass-roots effort to restore the unrestricted access bill after it was changed in June 2015. His public petition, supporting that effort, has been provided to key legislators, Governor Cuomo and the Department of Health. Tim joined the AAC Legislative Council in 2016.  He holds a B.S. in marketing, with minor in political science, and a Master of Education.  He lives in Brooklyn.

Sarah Dodson - Interim Secretary / Website / Social Media / Communications - Queen Creek, AZ


Getting a jump start into the world of digital marketing, Sarah started out with an SEO firm nearly 10 years ago, expanding her roles into social media, content management, and offering consulting services both locally and nationally. She has worked on several grassroots, field, and event marketing campaigns, and has worked to develop all types of content, including web, social, print, email, and scripting pieces across several industries. An adult adoptee in recent reunion, she understands the delicate balance of emotions, heart, and history that fuel the adoption community. As the former Content Manager and Community Director at, Sarah has continued to seek out opportunities where she can educate and share the voices and experiences of those within the adoption community.
Kris Probasco - Professional Liaison - Liberty, MO

Kris A. Probasco is an LCSW and LSCSW and one of Kansas City’s leading infertility and adoption counselors. With over 40 years of experience in private adoption, foster care adoption, open adoption, embryo adoption, donor conception, and adoption reform.

Not only is the social work field her career – It is her life’s passion. Kris has played an important role in not only changing individuals’ lives though her family building services, but also in the industry as a whole.
Kris has been a member of AAC for many years and is pleased to serve now as their professional liaison. She was honored at last year’s conference with the Ambassador Award.

Shawna Hodgson - Volunteer Coordinator - Kingwood, TX

Shawna is a Texas born adoptee and fifth generation Texan. At age 40, she identified her birth family using DNA testing and shortly after, reunited with her birth parents and two siblings.

Shawna became active in adoptee rights/OBC access legislation in Texas in 2014 after her experience with the adoption agency that facilitated her adoption. 

In 2015, Shawna co founded the grassroots organization Adoptee Support Advocates based in her hometown of Houston, Texas. In 2017, Shawna co founded Equality 4 Adoptees, designed to network with other adoptee rights groups around the country. Once a month Shawna is a co leader of an in person search and support group for adoptees and birth parents in Houston, TX.

In addition to her adoptee rights advocacy, Shawna is a trained and certificated mediator, including advanced family law mediation and a member of the Texas Association of Mediators.

Her training makes her particularly adept in communicating with others, and her heartfelt candor encourages others to listen. This has been invaluable while communicating with legislators and their staff regarding OBC access and adoption reform.