AAC was founded in 1978 as a volunteer, non-profit organization bringing together on a national level local and regional search, support, and advocacy groups. It was incorporated in 1981 in the State of Missouri and was granted tax-exempt status in 1982.

Read an "Eyewitness Account of the Beginnings of AAC" by Penny Callan Partridge, first AAC President.

You can check here to see who AAC's Past Presidents have been

Each year at our National Conference a board member of the AAC is awarded the President's Award. 

President's Award History

For its operating expenses, the AAC relies on donations, grants, membership dues and income from book sales and special gift programs.

AAC Vilardi Award

The Emma Mae Vilardi Humanitarian Award is awarded at the National Conference to one person who has shown themselves to be one or more of the following:
  •     An Exemplary agent of change in the direction of the AAC's goals
  •     A community builder within the adoption reform community
  •     A steadfast and/or stand-out supporter of either the adoption reform community or the goals of AAC

Here is a list of who the awards have been awarded to since it's implementation.

Award History