AAC Board Positions 2016

The AAC Board Applications where accepted between
May 2, 2016 - May 16, 2016 11:59 P.M. EST

All interested nominated candidates must interact respectfully and work professionally with other Board members, State Representatives, AAC members and the larger adoption constellation. All applicants must hold the American Adoption Congress in the highest regard.

Board member positions require a commitment of 5-20 hours a month depending on the specific position and require all applicants to participate in teleconference board meetings and yearly board meetings.
Nominations Committee
The following Nominations Committee Members (where made up of over 50% of NON- Board members) and chosen and ratified by the current Board of Directors for the nominations process:
  • Susan Friel-Williams - Florida (Nominations Chair / Board Member) (South)
  • Erica Babino - Texas (Board member) (Southwest)
  • Dr. Joyce Maguire Pavao - Massachusetts (New England)
  • Kris Dollard - California (West)
  • Monica Byrne - Canada 
  • Marilyn Waugh - Kansas (State Representative) (Southwest)
  • Deborah Myers - Washington State (State Representative) (West)
  • Susan Merkel - (Mid Atlantic)
  • Marc Borne - (Mid-West)
Nominations Schedule

The Schedule for the nominations process was as follows:

Dates Action
May 2 – 16 Call for Nominations – Accepting Applications
May 16 – 30 Review of all applications by Nominations Committee
June 1 – June 15 Recorded Interviews with each nominee (Recordings to only be used by nominations committee and Board of Directors)
June 16 – June 30 Board Review of Nominees
July 1 – July 5 Calls to all Nominees accepted
  Emails to all Nominees not accepted
July 6 – July 10 Elections – of those who should be elected (More than one applicant for a position)
NOTE:  Per the 2007 AAC By-Laws
Section 6. Elections: A. Except as stated in this section or in Sections 5 and 10 (concerning the filling of vacancies), all members of the Board will be elected by the members in good standing from persons nominated by the Nominating Committee in its considered judgment, according to policies and procedures approved by the Board. Only members residing in a region may vote for the Regional Director of that region. If there is no contest for one or more Board positions, the candidates for such positions may be elected by acclamation, without balloting
If no elections are held the following date for announcements is subject to change.
July 11 Announcement to members and on website of all New Board Positions

Nominations Format
The Nominations Committee shall find the best candidate for each office (according to Roberts Rules of order) and will only consider candidates who have completed the process as outlined: 
  • candidates shall have submitted their application within outlined time frames
  • candidates shall be sure that their Resume, Curriculum Vitae is also turned in with application
  • candidates shall ensure two letters of professional recommendations to the nominations committee with their application
  • Be interviewed via teleconference by members of the Nominations Committee (call will be recorded for use by the Nominations Committee and Board of Directors only)    
  • shall be of sound character
  • shall have upheld the AAC Code of Ethics, including acting in a professional manner and supporting the goals and mission of AAC, and shall agree to continue to uphold the AAC Code of Ethics at all times. 
Prospective candidates who do not meet these standards will be disqualified from further consideration and will be notified in writing of their disqualification by the nominations chair.

Each applicant is required to read and understand the AAC Conflict of Interest and the AAC Code of Ethics prior to filling out an application   

AAC Positions Open for Nominations
Job Descriptions of Positions which are currently open at the AAC
Per the AAC 2007 By-Laws (see section above):
All position except for the Regional Director Position will be voted on by the General Membership, ONLY in cases where MORE than ONE qualified candidate is determined by the Nominations Committee.
For Regional Director Positions - Will be voted on by the Respective Region - ONLY in cases where there is MORE than ONE qualified candidate, determined by the Nominations Committee.
ALL Applications and Corresponding Information Shall be sent to:  
the Nominations Chair - Susan Friel-Williams