Legislation News

NY Assembly Passes “CLEAN” Adoption Reform! Governor Cuomo Can Lead Us to History!

June 21, 2019

YES! The NY Assembly has overwhelmingly passed the “clean” adoptee rights bill (A5494 / S3419)! Soon, it w...

New York adoptees deserve equality

June 5, 2019

On weekends in 2016, I set up a table outside Sean Casey Animal Rescue in Brooklyn. As volunteer dog walkers arrived, I ...

Most American Adoptees Can’t Access Their Birth Certificates. That Could Soon Change.

March 15, 2019

Even though the practice of lifelong anonymity has no legal standing, it has dominated adoptions since 1935. Until that ...

Adoption In the News

90-year-old mom reunites with daughter she placed for adoption 70 years ago.

May 20, 2019

It was a first look unlike any other. On May 6, Beth Pullen 90, was reunited with the daughter she placed for adoption ...

Adopted at birth, brothers find 16 siblings with DNA test

June 5, 2019

Born to the same mother and adopted at birth by the same family, David and Bobby DeLosa always wondered whether they had...

Its Time to End the War Against the AAC

April 16, 2018

’m not a staunch defender of the American Adoption Congress, but I’m also not a hater. I’m merely a re...