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Session 401

"Can You Help Me?:

Finding an



from the 2009

AAC Conference -

"Transforming Families,

Connecting Lives"

Finding an Adoption-Competent Therapist

This presentation supports participants in confronting the challenge of finding an adoption-competent mental health practitioner. Cynthia Roe demonstrates how adoption has either been ignored as a factor in treatment or pathologized as a diagnosis or a problem to be excised. Either approach does not consider the whole person and can be ineffective or in some cases dangerous.

The presentation may be Downloaded here. ( PDF 15MB)

To order an audio copy of the presentation download Audio CD Order Form for 2009 Cleveland Conference.

Ms. Roe is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker currently working as a clinician, supervisor and trainer at Kinship Center in Santa Ana,CA. She is a certified Adoption Clinic Training facilitator.


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