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The Adopted Life - Webseries

The Adopted Life - Part 1

The Adopted Life - Part 2

The Adopted Life - 10 yr old discusses racism, Selma & Chris Columbus

Adoptees "Flip the Script" - National Adoption Month

Four Birthmothers - For Mothers

 from  Jean A. S. Strauss

Check out this powerful short video by Jean Strauss documenting First/Birth Mother's experiences and feelings surrounding adoption. Many groups opposed to access legislation argue that First/Birth mothers were promised life long anonymity. The evidence though suggests quite the opposite. The stories shared here support the real sentiments of the vast majority of First/Birth mothers throughout the country. Listen to four mothers speak about their experiences and feelings, which highlight the powerful and excruciating experience they each survived.

An Adoptee's Nightmare

Published on Jan 19, 2015
As an adoptee my records have been sealed. I have never been able to make contact with my biological family until now. Unfortunately, the results have been my worst nightmare. This is not a comprehensive examination of my entire experience as an adoptee, but rather an expression of what I'm going through right now. Adoptee Rights are Civil Rights - Adoptees deserve the same access to their information as everyone else.

What Not to Say to an Adoptee - Part 1

Published February 9, 2015
I'm not talking about the loss of my birthmother in this video because, frankly, I'm tired of crying. That & after the show of support from so many people I really wanted to do something to give back. This video is the first in a series, hopefully, that will talk about situations & conversations from the perspective of an adoptee. 

In this video:

- Dismissing an adoptee's narrative with religion
- Dismissing an adoptee's narrative in favor of their adoptive/birth parents
- Trips to the Doctor's office & the importance of medical histories
- Incest.... Really?
- Adoptees are not puppies
- Celebrating trauma: It's a no-no
- Adoptees being able to making their own decisions, associations, & have their own feelings
- Thinking less of an adoptee

What Not to say to an Adoptee - Part II

Published March 20, 2015
This is the second installment of What Not To Say To An Adoptee (#WNTSTAA). It's shorter than its predecessor and includes nifty colors.

To my adoptee brothers and sisters, I can't say it enough: Thank for sharing your narratives. It's because of you I'm able to reach out to others. You are all awesome. Thanks for having my back.

P.S. Geek points for those who understand the significance of my hat and the replica pistol on the shelf behind me.

An Adoptee ROARed in Ohio - the Betsie Norris Story

from Jean A. S. Strauss
This short documentary reveals the fascinating story behind why Ohio sealed adoption records in 1964, and how Adoption Network Cleveland’s Executive Director Betsie Norris spent 24 years changing a system her own father inadvertently helped to create.