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About this Website
This website seeks to educate adult adoptees, birth parents, prospective birth and adoptive parents, adoptive parents, adoption professionals, and the general public about adoption issues. It is our intention to provide the adoption community with the best and most up-to-date information available.

AAC Policy for Outbound Links
The American Adoption Congress will consider requests to be linked to the AAC from websites that are:

  • Established adoption-related organizations in theUnited States.
  • Of value to adoptees, birth parents, prospective birth and adoptive parents, adoptive parents, other family members, adoption professionals, and the general adoption community.
  • Administered by non-profit organizations that offer information regarding pre- and post-adoption support and search assistance, or information regarding search assistance and support for children conceived through donor insemination or other reproductive technologies and their families.
  • Administered by government agencies, educational facilities, search organizations, or groups involved in legislative reform efforts in the area of adoption and reproductive technologies.
  • Focused on providing reference material and resources of vital interest to the adoption community.
  • Dedicated to conveying a positive tone with regard to adoption issues and providing a benefit to the adoption community.
  • Administered by International Agencies that have their headquarters or local chapters outside of the United States.

We do not link to websites that:

  • Misrepresent adoption in any way
  • Include morbid, sensational, or trivializing material
  • Are primarily involved in promoting individual personal home pages
  • Do not provide accurate, up-to-date information
  • Have sexually explicit content or references
  • Function solely as an online marketplace. The American Adoption Congress is a non-profit organization and its sole sources of income are functions, memberships, donations, proceeds from our national and regional conferences, other fundraising efforts, and our affiliations.
  • Provide nothing more than a list of links
  • Have no connection to adoption

Linking to the AAC Website

  • We encourage other sites to link with the American Adoption Congress.
  • Links may be text-based, using hyper link www.americanadoptioncongress.org exactly as shown.
  • If you wish to include our logo on your site, please send an e-mail to the web development person, Include your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and your URL.
  • We will review and acknowledge each request, and at that time may or may not grant permission to use copyrighted or trademarked graphic images we provide.
  • The American Adoption Congress logo may not be used without the express permission of the American Adoption Congress.
  • Displaying a link with American Adoption Congress on your website does not guarantee that we will display your link on ours.
  • We request that any link with American Adoption Congress be used in an appropriate manner, in keeping with a positive and practical view of the adoption community.

Disclaimer for Links
American Adoption Congress is not responsible for the contents of any linked site, any changes or updates on linked sites, or any links contained within those sites. American Adoption Congress has opted to link with third party sites as a means of providing information it deems appropriate and useful to the intended users of its website. Links to a particular website do not constitute endorsement on the part of American Adoption Congress, or any products or services of the host organization or its sponsors. We reserve the right to include or exclude links, and to discontinue them at any time.

Terms and Conditions Affecting Links
Outbound Links

  • Any link you choose to follow is up to your discretion. Under no terms will American Adoption Congress be held liable, directly or indirectly, for any loss or damage caused and/or misinformation found in connection with the use of any content available on a linked site.
  • If you find information on a linked site that is outdated or objectionable for any reason, a request for removal of the link should be directed to web development person. American Adoption Congress will make a concerted effort to consider such requests, but the decision to remove a link will be at the sole discretion of the American Adoption Congress.

Inbound Links

  • By linking to American Adoption Congress, you acknowledge that all rights to the trademark and content appearing on the American Adoption Congress site and the design of the website belong to American Adoption Congress.
  • You must not misrepresent your relationship with American Adoption Congress or present false or misleading representations about American Adoption Congress. Under no circumstances may links to American Adoption Congress imply or suggest that American Adoption Congress endorses you, your organization, your website or services that you provide.
  • American Adoption Congress is in no way responsible for any content represented on your website. By linking to the American Adoption Congress website you agree to indemnify and defend American Adoption Congress against all claims made based on your website.
  • American Adoption Congress prohibits capture of American Adoption Congress website pages in frames on your pages or otherwise presenting American Adoption Congress pages and/or images as your own.
  • American Adoption Congress reserves the right at any time to request that you remove all links or any particular link to American Adoption Congress from your website.

If you wish to republish any material from American Adoption Congress you must seek written permission of the organization. To obtain permission, send an e-mail to: aacmembership@gmail.com