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New Advisory Committee formed!

Amory Winn

The Board of Directors for the American Adoption Congress is honored to announce the formation of an Advisory Committee.

The Mission Statement for the committee reads:

As prior board members and/or long time volunteers we will provide an historical perspective on a variety of issues and brainstorm possible options to peacefully resolve problems within AAC. Our suggestions will be presented to the AAC board in a timely manner.

The Advisory Committee is chaired by Marilyn Waugh. She has carefully chosen the following members to join her with this vital work:

Monica Byrne
Leslie MacKinnon
Betsie Norris
Joyce Pavao
Delores Teller

The Board of Directors extends its gratitude to this committee for their commitment to helping move the American Adoption Congress forward.

Outstanding Service Award

Susan E. Friel-Williams

American Adoption Congress was recognized at St. John's University Adoption Initiative 9th Biennial Adoption and presented the "Outstanding Service To The Adoption Community".

This award is given to an individual/organization whose service to the adoption community has contributed meaningfully to the welfare of adopted and fostered individuals and families and to birth families. The American Adoption Congress is being recognized for its tireless and unwavering commitment and leadership through the years on behalf of adoption.

On behalf of the membership and Board of Directors we would like to thank St. John's Adoption Initiative conference committee for such an honor.

Nominations and Elections Results

Susan E. Friel-Williams

I would like to formally thank the nominations and elections committee for their wonderful efforts in reviewing, interviewing, cooperation and teamwork as we democratically moved through the election process.  It's been a pleasure to work with you!

The Board of the American Adoption Congress would now like to introduce and welcome our new Board Members as well as two new State Representatives.

Andrew Tash - Board Member at Large
Sarah Dodson - Communications Director
Deborah Myers - Western Regional Director
Susan Merkel - Mid Atlantic Regional Director
Mary Wilson - Board Member at Large
Cynthia McGuigan - Conference Director
Debra Allen - Arizona State Representative
Roberta MacDonald - Florida State Representative

Congratulations to you all!

Susan E. Friel-Williams
Nominations and Elections Chairman

American Adoption Congress 2017 Conference Theme

Erica Babino

There were many great themes submitted for the 2017 AAC Conference.  They were:

Faith, Hope and Healing in the Adoption World
Rising Up Like the Phoenix through Knowledge and Cooperation
Phoenix Rising:  Greater Hope and Healing
Rights, Hope and Freedom: The Future of Adoption and Reproductive Technology
Rising Rights and Freedom: Hope and Healing
Rights, Hope and Healing: Adoption and Reproductive Technology Moves Forward
Rising Hopes and Rights: Healing in Adoption
Rising Up:  The Knowledge and Power Within
Rising Up Together: Exploring Peace, Making Change
Rising Up:  Knowledge, Progress, Peace
Rising Hope:  Healing in Adoption
 and the one with the most votes is: 

A March to Change:  Healing through Action

As the author of this theme, I am compelled to share the true meaning behind the words we have officially voted and chosen by AAC 2016-2017 conference committee members to be our charge for the 2017 Atlanta conference. 


2017 Conference Logo Contest

Cynthia McGuigan

The logo contest for our 38th Annual Conference is now open! We love to see our mission and our conference theme come to life in your art. So, let’s see what you’ve got for us this year!

We’re headed to Atlanta, GA next Spring for our conference. Our theme is A March to Change: Healing Through Action. We want you to run with it but like any contest, here are just a few guidelines:

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