Nomination and Elections Announced

Amy Winn

Now’s the time to check out the job descriptions on the website (link or home page?) and to get those applications in. Be a part of the future of the AAC. Join us on the board and help us craft our future! Susan Friel-Williams and I have added our Regional Director positions to the list so that proper attention can be given to these vital roles.
  • Nominations open February 1st
  • Nominations close February 21st
  • New board members announced February 23rd
  • New board members seated on April 5th at the Annual Board Meeting
Soon I’ll be putting out a call for volunteers at the conference so if being on the board isn’t your thing but you want to pitch in to help with our exciting future, I look forward to you joining our volunteer ranks. Feel free to contact me now if you’d like to help at the conference.
The future is Now everyone! Let’s get started!
Board Positions Awaiting YOU!
  • Regional Directors: Midwest, Southwest, Southern and New England
  • Secretary
  • Board Members at Large, our all-purpose position that can help in various areas
  • AAC Historian NEW!  (description and qualifications coming)
  • AAC Volunteer Coordinator NEW! (description and qualifications coming)
  • AAC Grant Writer NEW! (description and qualifications coming)
  • State Reps: Let’s have several for each state!
  • Canadian Liaison
  • Puerto Rican Liaison
Submit your completed packet to 

Enthusiastically yours,

Beacon - February 2017 Edition of your AAC Beacon

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