Letter from the Legislative Chair

“Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are”  
Benjamin Franklin

The American Adoption Congress has spent nearly 40 years to advance the restoration of rights of adult adoptees and healing the wounds and suffering brought on by the adoption industry and the antiquated laws supporting it.  

While the new AAC legislative committee is still being formed, we are continuing to work towards OBC and open records legislation for all adoptees in the states that have not restored the rights we demand and indisputably deserve.  We have combined our efforts with Illinois State Representative Sara Feigenholtz who is also an adoptee.  Rep. Feigenholtz was essential in the passage of Illinois’ HB5428, the Original Birth Certificate Access Bill and presented the Legislative Excellence Award by the AAC for her tireless and passionate work in Adoptee Rights.  She is now on a quest to assist other states in passing similar laws supporting Adoptee Rights.  Rep. Feigenholtz is hosting a breakfast during the National Conference of State Legislators (NCSL) in Chicago on August 8.  AAC president Amy Winn and I will be attending the event sponsored by the AAC.  This will provide our organization with a national audience of lawmakers.  Rep. Feigenholtz will have an interested audience of state legislators from around the country with which she will discuss the importance of OBC legislation and share strategies on how bills can be lobbied and passed in each state.  This is the first time we will have an opportunity to share this crucial information with state representatives at one time on a national platform.  The AAC will be thanked and recognized in all oral presentations and written materials.  We will also have AAC representation to meet with legislators and discuss our goal.   An update will be provided after the conference.  

Thank you for your tireless work in states where legislation has passed.  Thank you for the essential work being done today in states that will be on the path to change.  We shall overcome some day—SOON!  

Erica Babino
Legislative Director
American Adoption Congress