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and Zara Phillips premiered their new song "I'm Legit" at the Cleveland Conference.

Mary Guathier was interviewed on AACNewsandViews Blog Talk on Friday September 14, 2012. Here are her videos.


Somewhere Between - Linda Goldstein

High Five - Boris Ivanova and Julia Ivanova of Interfilm

Resilience - Tamy Chu

Father Unknown - David Quint

Closure - Bryan Tucker

For the Life of Me
- Jean A.S. Strauss

40 Year Secret - Mary Anne Alton

Bio Dad - Barry Stevens
Roots Unknown - Zara Philips

From Place to Place - Porch Productions -
follows the lives of six young adults who recently aged out of Montana’s foster care system.

Sin by Silence - Quiet Little Place Production

Eggsploitation - Eggsploitation renders the medical risks of paid egg donation with care and truth in every detail and makes a thoroughly devastating case against the commodification of women and their eggs.

Out of the Fog - Mothers Speak About Adoption

I'm Glad My Mother's Alive - Given up for adoption as a toddler, troubled teenager Thomas becomes obsessed with tracking down his birth mother. After years of searching Thomas finds her single, with a small child, living in a nearby suburb.