AAC Volunteering & Positions

AAC State Representative Application Process

Approved by the AAC Board July 31, 2015
We thank you for expressing interest in the possibility to serve in the volunteer role as State Representative for the American Adoption Congress.  Candidates to become State Representative are carefully chosen through a standard process that helps to ensure uniformity and fairness of all candidates and ensures the highest quality of volunteers to our organization.
Candidates are responsible for reading and agreeing to the following process:

  1. The interested candidate submits the completed application and supporting documentation to the Regional Director (RD) in their geographical region or to the person who provided you the application
  2. Upon submission of the complete application etc., the candidate will go to the next steps of the process of either:
Upon review of the candidates application and supporting documentation by the American Adoption Congress Board of Directors, if it is determined that the candidate should continue to be considered for possible State Representative position, the candidate will be contacted via email and/or phone, and a time will be scheduled for a phone interview to be conducted with the candidate by 2 current Board Members
Upon review of the candidate application and supporting documentation by the American Adoption Congress Board of Directors, The AAC will select a candidate for the position based on a variety of factors, such as experience in the relevant areas, existing skill set, letters of reference, and the interview that occurs between the candidate and board member among other areas. If the candidate is not selected for the position, they will be notified via email by the AAC.

  1. Candidates being selected for further consideration will be asked questions via a phone   interview using a board-approved questionnaire. Candidates and board members will also have a general discussion with the candidate relating to their connection in the adoption community, knowledge and understanding of the goals and mission of AAC and how the candidate feels they can support the goals and mission along with the skills and talents the candidate can contribute to AAC.
  2. Following the phone interview, the Board will review the responses and notes from the discussion
  3. The candidate will be notified via email of the final decision of the Board and will receive either an email and/or phone call that they were selected for the position of State Representative or the candidate will be notifies that they were not selected for appointment
  4. The entire proves may take up to forty-five (45) to ninety (90) business days to complete the process.   The candidate also understands that a submission of an application does not guarantee an interview and/or an appointment now or in the future within AAC.
  Please contact the AAC Regional Director if you are interested in a State Representative Position.  If there is currently no Regional Director in your area, please contact the AAC President.