2012 Conference Presenter Handouts


AAC 33rd International Conference
Mile High Expectations - Adoption in 2012

Program and Workshop Handouts

Conference Program

Lets Start A Donor Revolution - Video of Panel

Professional Day
Keri Seroski

Forging Family Connections

Professional Day
Delores Teller 
Recognizing Relinquishment

Workshop 108
Macy Melendy

Finding Your Path & Getting Back to Your Purpose
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Workshop 201 -
How to Internet Search for Family

Marilyn Waugh -
Search Beginner
Search Websites
Social Security Inquiry New Guidelines 

Workshop 401
Scams Scrupples What Should We do about Unethical Adoption

Adam Pertman

Workshop 505
Kris Probasco
What do we tell the kids
Child Centered Practice for Donor Conception

Workshop 506
Linda Schellentrager
Honoring our Children by Honoring their Heritage - Birthdays

Workshop 604
Pam Lehman
Healing Through Art & Mediation