AAC Advisory Board
AAC Advisory Board
Mission Statement: As prior board members and or long time volunteers we will provide a historical perspective on a variety of issues and brainstorm possible options to peacefully resolve problems within AAC. Our suggestions will be sent to the AAC board in a timely manner.

The following are the members of the American Adoption Congress Advisory Board
Marilyn Mendenhall Waugh MA, - Chair

Is a reunited birth mother, Director of Adoption Concerns Triangle of Topeka, past AAC President and current KS State Representative. For over 23 years she's been in the Post Adoption Services of the KS Division for Children and Families (DCF) searching/reconnecting families. Adult adoptees, as well as birth parents, can request a free-of-charge search through DCF. Kansas has always allowed adult adoptees access to the Original Birth Certificate (OBC) and the complete adoption record. KS Vital Statistics includes an informational sheet, with Marilyn’s email and telephone number, to all adoptees requesting their OBC.
     Delores Teller
  Dr. Joyce Maguire Pavao
  Monica Byrne
  Betsie Norris
  Leslie Pate Mackinnon